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We think of ourselves
as inventors and collaborators,
not solely as artists.

Paper Cinema is the film division of

Yolanda Cuomo Design.

For over thirty years Yolanda has produced
a wide range of projects that
demonstrate the firm’s passion and
skill, crafting striking visual solutions
that merge words with images.

We offer a distinctive small-scale,
hands-on work style that encourages
creativity and client loyalty.

Yolanda is the Executive Producer and Art Director of Paper Cinema's productions. While Gianni & Milly-May McLaughlin operate the daily functions of the production company. Milly-May is the Producer, and Gianni is the Director/Editor.

Every milli-second of our films are examined by Yolanda, Gianni, and Milly-May. In order for the content to leave our computer and enter your TV it must get the approval of all 3 members of

Paper Cinema. A true team collaboration.  

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