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Bless Me Father
12 awards & 6 nominations
An Italian Mob Movie
 A man confesses his sins
and unveils the ugly truth of his life;
will he save his life or lose his soul?

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An Italian Mob Comedy 
A group of NJ friends
gang up together to pull off the rarest wine heist in modern day history.
They plot to steal the wine from
the mob and endanger
themselves to the wrath of
Donna Maria, the Boss.
Who will come out on top with the wine?


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Nana- Karen Lynn Gorney from 'Saturday Night Fever'
Mikey- Gianni McLaughlin

Written & Directed by
Toni De Palma
Mikey is out of his mind when his Nana takes to Twitter to convince Martin Scorsese to give him a job.
Chelsea Film Festival
Garden State Film Festival
Golden Short Film Festival 
Ischia Film Festival 


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